Pumpkins and Llamas and Hay, Oh My

Family at Pleasure Valley Llama/Pumpkin Farm October 2009

Spent the afternoon this past Sunday at Pleasure Valley Llamas (and Pumpkin Farm) with Stacey’s parents and Stacey’s nephews Owen and Alejandro. It was our second year visiting. Zachary was too little to really enjoy it last year, but he really made up for it this year. Benjamin had good time again this year, too.

A few pictures have been uploaded to Flickr if you’re interested:


It’s well worth the $8 per wristband to enjoy all of the various activities there. Each wristband also includes a 20-pound pumpkin of your choice–picked from their patch yourself, or taken from carts near the entrance/exit. Larger pumpkins are $2 for every additional ten pounds over twenty, so a $40-lb pumpkin would only cost you an extra four bucks; a pretty good deal in the grand scheme of things-pumpkin. It’s located about 20 miles or so west of Random Lake, near Adell/Batavia. The farm’s website (linked above) has a map.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Zachary’s Now Two

The title says it all. He’s two! Congrats, little dude.

Zachary at Alterra Grafton, May 2009

We would also like to thank everyone for coming for his birthday party last week. Everyone here had a great time!

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We were in San Francisco last week on va…

We were in San Francisco last week on vacation, with the kids and their mother’s parents. Had a great time, but it was indeed challenging (at least for Dad) with the kids in tow. Lots of great pictures, some of which we’ll post here eventually.

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We’ve switched themes here on the site …

We’ve switched themes here on the site to something we hope will grant us a little more flexibility in posting stuff as it happens. It won’t help much with photos or anything, but for quick notes and observations, etc, it should make things a little easier. Let us know if you see anything wildly broken.

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Funny The First Hundred Times… Maybe More

Update:  Just in case you can’t see the embedded Vimeo video below, here’s the direct link to it on the Vimeo website:


Our apologies to anyone that had trouble!

So I cracked this joke at dinner last night, and Benjamin thought it was pretty funny, so he kept repeating it. And of course, I made him repeat it again for a quick little video. His fake-laughing really is super-funny, though maybe you have to be there to appreciate it. ;)

The joke, in case the audio’s as poor as the video (recorded with my crappy cellphone camera), is “Is your nose running?” “Yes.” “Better go catch it!” followed by his classic fake-laughing and a request to watch the recording we’d just made. Enjoy!

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Three. Already.

So hard to believe it, but Benjamin’s three already. It’s just insane how fast time is flying!

Benjamin The Bear - 08 Feb 2009

He really is a fantastic kid. We’re so very proud of him and how nice a job he’s doing growing up, even if it seems like it’s all moving way too fast. He’s a great son and an awesome big brother.

If you’re at all interested in a shot from his past, here’s a post from his very first birthday that includes a pretty cute picture of him:


We’ll have some three-year portraits here to look at, soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Benjamin’s transformation so far has been amazing, and continues to be amazing. And not just the changes in him, but also the changes in us as adults and parents; Stacey and I have also really grown tremendously since he was born; it seems like he teaches us as much as we teach him. And it all feels very, very right.

Love you, buddy!

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