Two-week doc visit…

…yesterday afternoon went very, very well! He’s up 1.5 pounds since birth, right on schedule. Doc wanted him gaining a pound since the visit two weeks earlier, and he was up 20 ounces. Hurray for breastfeeding! ;)

We had a lot of questions for our pediatrician, this being our first child and all, and he happily addressed all of our (apparently slightly paranoid) concerns. As it turns out, a lot of stuff that seems frustrating or even a little scary to us as new parents is perfectly normal in a newborn. We’re definitely relieved!

There was one thing… he’s got a little bit of a flat spot on the back left side of his head. We’re not sure if it was from his rather taxing delivery or if it’s something he’s developed since being home. We’re keeping an eye out, though, and we’ll see.

Barring any developments, Ben’s next doc visit isn’t for another two months…. for SHOTS! Yikes!

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