I have FEET? I have FEET!

Yesterday, I think I noticed my feet seriously for the first time. Mommy was holding me… I was sitting up, looking down, and then I got this odd look on my face, apparently… I just couldn’t stop staring. Apparently, I was hilarious! Mommy and Daddy couldn’t stop laughing.  Between you and me, somedays I think they’re both crazy!

Today, more of the same, but this time I got bent a little bit more forward and I reached out with my left hand to grab my left foot. Toes in hand, I tugged around for a second. Daddy got this look on his face like I was astonished and surprised… It was like "hey, I’m holding something, and I feel someone holding my foot the…SAME…WAY! HOLY CRAP!"

I am hysterical!  :)

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