I can’t poo?

I overheard my Mommy and Daddy talking today about how I’ve not pooed in my diaper in a couple days. They were saying that my regular poos should be stopping now that I’m all of two whole months old, and I may be starting to poo only every two or three days. 

What, I’m supposed to just HOLD it?  Crazy Mommy and Daddy!  Crazy I say!

I’m really happy that I’m still playing booty tuba, though… If I wasn’t farting, I’d probably explode!

I’m kinda scared to see what comes out when nothing has for two days! Cross your fingers with me!  Wait, I can’t cross my fingers yet… I can’t even get my thumb in my mouth with any consistency yet, either. Help!

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  1. (he did finally go, later that same day… if you’re wondering. ;))

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