Yep… Yesterday was his 2-month checkup, and he got three shots in his upper thighs. All in all, he took it really well, we thought, but he was definitely NOT pleased about it!

He’s at 13 lbs 2 oz now, and getting longer/taller by the day!

One of the highlights was his Mom–the needlephobe–helping to hold his legs and she WATCHED him get the shots. Amazing! I’m making a joke about this a little bit, but seriously… I was surprised to see Mom handle the whole needle thing as well as she did. Kudos, Momma! ;)

We’re supposed to start supplementing his breastmilk diet with Vitamin D now, since apparently breastmilk doesn’t have enough of just that. That, or make sure he gets at least an hour’s worth of sun a week. We’re probably gonna go the sun route, since he definitely gets that with errands and the walks we all take together.

Next visit to the doc in two more months, and we get to discuss…..cereal?!? Already?!?!? Our boy’s growing WAY TOO FAST.

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