Twelve weeks… so hard to believe.

It’s extremely hard to believe for us, but Ben’s already 12 weeks old as of today. Where has the time gone!?

We continue to be amazed by him, and impressed by him, and yes, humbled by him. He’s a blessing, a joy, and occasionally, a pain in the butt… but worth every second we have with him. We couldn’t have a more perfect son.

Today also marks Mom’s return to full-time work. She left the house nervous this morning. She’s been back to work half-time already for the last four weeks, and that was hard enough… Today, it seems, and this week, and moving forward in general, is gonna be a little bit harder. My own schedule gets shifted around some more as well to accommodate everyone and everything… But it’s totally worth it.

All we need now is someone to slow down time for us. It’s going by far, far too quickly!

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  1. Dad says:

    Day Four since Mom’s back to work…. and it’s a struggle, I won’t lie. Once again we’ve changed his routine, and it’s taking him some time to get used to it all… I imagine he’ll adjust soon enough… Sooner would be better from a Daddy-sanity point of view. ;)

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