RIP, Pacifier…

Stacey and I were talking last night and realized that Ben’s pretty much not wanted anything to do with a pacifier or our pinkies in a couple of weeks, if not a little longer. If he gets really hungry, he’ll latch onto a pinky or nook for a few seconds…until he realizes it’s not food, and then he rejects it, with prejudice.

Is this permanent? No idea. He never really liked the pacifier anyway, but he did have a thing for Mom and Dad’s pinkies. Must be a texture thing. He still roots around on his hand, though, and is getting pretty good at finding his thumbs when he needs to suck on something (particularly when he’s ready to nap).

We’ve also forgotten to mention that he seems to be teething like a crazyperson, chewing on fingers–doesn’t matter whose–toys, etc, and drooling like crazy, too. He seems to really focus on the left side of his mouth, so maybe that’s where his first tooth will come in? We’ll keep you posted, of course. :)

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