We picked up a Bumbo seat at USA Baby in Brookfield a couple nights ago. We opened one up in the store and sat Benjamin in it; he seemed to like it OK. Mom definitely has her reservations about it, so we agreed to not let him spend a LOT of time in it so he can still learn to sit on his own.

So far….mixed results, really. Benjamin definitely can tell the seat is trying to control and contain him, and he doesn’t like that very much. He’s tried to arch his back and get out of it a half-dozen times already. He’ll sit in it while we’re eating dinner for a while, and is content, but like any other way he’s situated during meals (or any other time, really), he eventually gets sick of that particular vantage point and wants a change.

I think we’ll have to give him time to get more used to it. USA Baby ensured us that they’d have no problems accepting a return if he turned out not to like it, so we’re kinda counting on that, just in case…

USA Baby was the only place in town (that we knew to check, anyway) that had them in stock in-store. They had light blue and the sea-foam green (only two green ones of the 10 or so they had in stock, actually). We got a light-blue one. $45, which I think is about what it would cost online with dog-slow shipping, iirc.

We’ll see how it goes…

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  1. We -did- check the local, shiny-new Babies R Us store in Brookfield, too… they don’t carry them. Just in case anyone was wondering…

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