Tonight was a Member’s Only Night thing at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Stacey’s parents have a family pass, so the three of us went with them, of course with Owen and Alejandro in tow.

The zoo was pretty busy. They’ve got a “to-scale” animatronic dinosaur exhibit thing going on there that was kinda fun to walk through. By that time, Benjamin was totally asleep, but hey. Owen and Ollie were diggin’ the dinos for sure.

Ben was awake most of the time prior to that. The cat house was pretty active; the lions and tigers were all pacing right up front at the glass. Benjamin was facing out in the carrier we have, and I think the big cats kinda scared him. Of course, by that time he was getting really tired, too, so it’s hard to say. It was pretty hot, too, which I don’t think was helping his demeanor at all.

Mom and son were almost attacked by crazed geese, too… The entire thing was exacerbated by the fact that Mom was breastfeeding Benjamin at the time. I thought it was kinda funny, but apparently Mom was actually a little frightened… We all survived, of course. ;)

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