Ben’s New Friend

Today’s Ben’s first day with a (new, regular) babysitter!

She’s a very nice young woman who will be here a couple times a week (to start) for a couple hours or so a day, so I can get some work done that’s much easier to do during the day instead of late afternoon or evening.

I’m just upstairs in my office while this is happening, so we’ve not really left him “alone” yet, but we’re working our way up slowly to eventually being able to leave him for a while so we can, oh, I don’t know, go to a movie or something…that we’ve not been able to do for months now.

So far, from what I can hear from my office, everything sounds like it’s going great! :) Ben can be a bit fussy about going down for a nap, so we’ll have to see how that goes here in a little while…

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