Ben’s New Friend…rocks

Yes, it’s true. She did something yesterday that Mom and Dad can’t seem to really do… Mind you, it didn’t last long, but we were very impressed.

Before I go any further, I should just mention one thing: her name is Ashley. I didn’t mention her name previously because I don’t know if she cares that I’m writing about her here or not. I suppose if she has a problem with it, she’ll let me know… ;)

So I was upstairs yesterday and Ashley’s watching Ben. I hear a little bit of crying. Totally normal for Ben about an hour or so after eating…he’s tired and needs a nap. We were inching closer to it being time for Ashley to go home, and suddenly I realized I didn’t hear Ben crying anymore.

She must have gotten him down for a nap! Yes!

So I snuck downstairs quietly and looked around from the banister; I saw Ashley, but no Ben. He’s… asleep?

Not only asleep, but asleep on his back. Now, before anyone gets their feathers ruffled, he DOES indeed sleep on his back overnight. Every time. But for his naps during the day, for some reason, he seems to prefer his belly. No idea why; that’s just how it’s been, and we’ve been kinda rolling with it.

So he was ON HIS BACK. NAPPING. I about freaked out. Ashley ROCKS!

It didn’t last very long; he startled himself awake, probably dreaming about rock climbing or something. But 20 minutes on his back for a nap is a start!

We’ve been trying more and more recently to solve the increasingly-irritating problem of getting him to sleep at night. He just doesn’t seem “ready”. It can take hours sometimes, and it’s frustrating. Just go to sleep, little man… We’ve got a pretty good routine, but he just doesn’t buy it sometimes. It doesn’t help that with it being summer the days are longer and there’s still daylight going on. We’ve added a light-blocking blind to the window in his room, and it helps, but we think he can still smell daylight or something… (we’re open to suggestions!)

Anyway, back napping. Great news. And Ashley’s obviously working out really well so far. :)

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