At 8:52am this morning, Ben rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time ever unassisted!

[[ EDIT: Second time. See the post above this one! :) ]]

:) :) :)

He was in his crib; I had just entered his room, and he was still kind of half-asleep. I called his name, and he propped himself up on his hands to look around (as he’s been doing for weeks now). He cranked his head back and up to look at me, and we started our “morning chat”, talking to each other…

All of a sudden, he rolled over onto his back and kept right on talking back to me as if nothing had happened. It was done so effortlessly, yet intentionally.

I about flipped myself!

He’s actually flipped himself over several times before, but it was always on the bed or the couch with one of us sitting next to him, so the mattress or cushion was always angled, and he was basically rolling downhill more than actually turning over. ;)

One more milestone! We honestly figured he’d flip from back to front first, based on how he’s been doing when we’ve been playing with him. And of course we realize that this first success doesn’t mean instant mastery, either.

He’s such a strong little guy. He’s up to about 2 minutes or so sitting up unassisted now, too, and loves standing up (with our help).

He’s only 4 1/2 months!

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