Shhh…it’s a secret…

Mom and Dad will figure this out tonight when they talk more about my rolling over today…but I wanted to you all of you know what, for now, is my little secret

Mom fed me this morning before she went to work and put me on my belly to go back to sleep for a little while… Dad heard me making noises so he came in and found me on my back…and flipped me back over so I’d go back to sleep again for a while longer (I was awake way too early!).

It was only later when Dad came in to wake me for the day that he found me on my belly and I did the flip that he and Mom are so proud of.

So what I’m saying is… I had already flipped over once this morning, before the one time Dad saw me do it!

DON’T TELL MY PARENTS! I want them to figure out for themselves that I’m much more advanced and practiced a flipper than they even know! Yay! :)

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