Sitting up? Check!

So he’s been sitting up for a minute or two or more, with increasing duration, for a couple weeks or so now…maybe three?

Yesterday he was sitting on the lawn at a backyard party, for about 15 minutes. Unassisted.

Today, he’s been sitting off and on, minding his own business–unassisted, again–for most of the afternoon!

Sure, he still falls over once in a while, but he’s definitely able to catch himself and prevent falls (most of the time), and he’s got really great control overall.

We’ve spent a fair amount of time with him practicing, and most importantly, we think, letting him crawl around on and around us in awkward positions, getting a feel for upside down, rightside up, trying to right himself no matter what angle he’s at or position he’s in, helping him with standing up, walking and dancing around, etc. We think it’s helped him get strong and develop better control.

He’s also coming along very quickly now with the crawling… he’s not crawling anywhere yet, but he’s able to get his legs underneath himself, and he can reposition himself and spin around and kind of wobble around. Give him a week and he’ll be crawling, too!

As for back-to-front flipping/rolling over, he’s basically got down what he needs to do to make it happen…it’s just a matter of putting it all together now; any day!

Two naps today on his back, too. He’s getting better about that, but he still has to be pretty darn tired for it to happen successfully.

Anyway, another Proud Parents Moment(tm)! :) It’s weird that these things seem to be happening so quickly; we’re still pretty thrilled from the initial rollovers a few days ago! Pretty soon he’ll be borrowing the car!

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