Happy 4th!

Oh, by the way, we hope you all had a Happy 4th!

We went out with Ben to see the Milwaukee fireworks last night. Since it’s so crowded downtown, we decided to find a vantage point a little further south and watch from a bit of a distance, and we found a great spot. Not sure how fun much Ben got out of it all, but he did enjoy watching the other little kids there and the giant glowstick some lady was swinging around most of the show, distracting everyone. A special thank-you goes out to the 8-foot tall couple that stood directly in front of us, too. *laugh*

The mosquitoes were out in full force, too, but the only people that received bites were Mom and Dad.

All in all a pretty great time for Ben’s first real fireworks. :) He fell asleep within seconds of being put back in the car for the ride home. Long day!

Earlier today we went to the parade in town and he seemed to like it quite a lot. He was mostly fascinated by all the other kids there, but he was bouncing around in his carrier, dancing to the bands and seemed to really be watching the floats and the clowns. We spent the afternoon in Sheboygan, and were back home just in time for him to go to bed. Long day again!

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