She Got Me

Yesterday was our 4th anniversary. Stacey decided to conspire with Ashley to take me out for dinner.

This was a big deal for several reasons. First, it was our anniversary. Second, my wife is rarely successful at surprising me/keeping a secret. And third, it was to be the first time we’ve left Benjamin alone with a babysitter.

Stacey and Ashley had this whole secret cooked up for over two weeks. Sneaky, sneaky!

Stacey was worried that _I_ would be nervous about leaving Benjamin. As it turned out, I was fine. I have been around Ashley enough now to know that she’s been doing a great job watching him, and so I have faith in her to do that. Stacey was the nervous one, and eager to get back home once dinner was over. It was kinda funny. :)

Stacey: thank you for a lovely surprise and a great dinner. Thank you, too, for being a lovely and wonderful wife to me and mother to our son. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already; I suspect time will only increase in speed now that we have Benjamin (and any siblings down the road)…

I look forward to all the years to come. :)

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