Yesterday, Monday, July 10th, 2006, was Benjamin’s 20-weeks-old birthday.


Today, though, was his four-month followup visit with his pediatrician. A little late, due to some scheduling issues (doc’s taking Wednesdays off all summer, go figure), but not a big deal.

Stats from his visit today:

  • Height: 26 1/4 inches
  • Weight: 16 lbs, 12 ounces
  • Head Circumference: 16 3/4 inches

His doctor was quite satisfied with his progress and appearance. He’s right on track with most things, and a little ahead of the game in others. We’ve been given the green light for introducing rice cereal, too (just a little; we’re still breastfeeding)…but of course, we’re not ready (though we bought the cereal already a few weeks ago)!

Ben’s really been quite a trooper these last several days. He is rolling over back and forth, front to back, back to front, etc etc, like nobody’s business. He’s not figured out that he can steamroll his way across a room yet, but we’re sure he will soon. He’s not quite crawling yet, either, but every day, literally, he gets a little more coordinated and a little more successful with his attempts. He’s sitting up for longer periods of time, too, when he’s not being lazy. ;)

He got shots again today, too. The same three he got last time. He only cried once when he got stuck, for about 5 seconds, and that was it. He was all smiles after that, and it was like nothing happened. Amazing. Several hours later, and on into this evening, he seems to have a little bit of a fever and is doing some heavier sweating, but that’s typical….he’s on some baby Tylenol to keep him comfortable.

His doctor was disappointed we haven’t put him on any Vitamin D supplement yet, despite our reassurances that he’s getting plenty of time in the sun. He also expects us to have been sleeping through the night by the time he’s 6 months or we’re supposed to start letting him cry it out so he figures out he’s supposed to be sleeping through the night. We’re supposed to start on cereal now and solids at six months… We’ve read -everywhere- that solids shouldn’t be started any earlier than 6 months (ideally sometime in the 6-8 month time frame, so 6 months is on the early end of the spectrum…), so we’re not in any hurry there, either. He says cereal doesn’t count as far as solids are concerned…we’re not quite sure that’s true…

So basically, we’re trying to figure out–with all due respect, of course–just how correct he is about these things, what our options are, etc.

Anyway…. just an update, again. Hard to believe he’s five months old already. Almost halfway through the infant phase of his life already. He’s a strong, healthy, handsome, darling baby, and a great kid so far. Everything we wanted in a child, and so much more.

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