Help us replace a great toy [edit: now FOUND!]

[edit: you may have noticed we found a replacement. Looking at the pictures, it wasn’t quite an EXACT match, but pretty darn close… ;)]

We had to throw away a favorite toy of Benjamin’s recently, and it saddened us a great deal, as it was one of his absolute favorite things to play with. It was a Carter’s giraffe rattle, bought for Benjamin as a gift by a patient of Mom’s.

Benjamin LOVED that thing. The problem we’re having now is that we can’t find a replacement!

It was purchased at a Kohl’s department store about 6 months ago or so. Mom saw one at the Southridge-Mall Kohl’s not more than a month ago or so, but we didn’t need a replacement at that time… and now that we do, it’s no longer there!

It’s basically a yellowish plush giraffe, kinda pastel-ish; there’s a large yellow ring that is the “handle” of the giraffe rattle… and each foot of the giraffe is attached to it. There is a small clear ball containing beads at the bottom of the ring that causes the toy to rattle, and some smaller ‘textured’ rings that are attached to the large ring for additional rattling, visual interest, and to chew on. The entire toy is about 8-9 inches long. The large yellow ring was the perfect size for two little hands to hold while the giraffes head got chewed on. ;)

It also had the standard C-clip attached to the giraffe’s head for hanging it from a stroller or carseat handle, etc. We took the loop-clip off (it, too, was yellow).

It’s really weird, but Dad just combed through a slew of photos and not a single photo with the silly thing in it! We’re dumbfounded; for as often as he had it with him, you’d think we’d have at least ONE photo of it. Apparently not. :(

AHA! This image is very similar to what ours looked like. the ring and the giraffe shape and design is EXACTLY the same, but the colors aren’t quite right…. this picture has pink and polkadots on the stomach… Benjamin’s had no pink in it at all (and no polkadots as far as we can remember…). Otherwise, it is the identical giraffe rattle:

This is what it looked like, exactly, but with slightly different coloring...

Anyway, if you see one of these at a Kohl’s store near you, please let us know! We VERY desperately want to replace the thing… even if Benjamin no longer has interest in it, it was such a great part of his early days that we’d keep it for his keepsake box or a scrapbook or his room or something.

Thanks for your help! :)

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