“Good news, everyone!”

We found Benjamin’s (exact replacement) giraffe today!

Gurnee Mills, IL Carter’s Outlet store. They had two, and we bought them both.

Several people this week–some complete strangers–offered help and did some checking for us, and we want you to know we really, truly appreciate it.

In the end, Carter’s Corporate was no help. Kohl’s was no help. And by no help, we mean not even a thanks-for-contacting-us response. Sad.

[“Hello, Kohl’s? Carter’s? How about some customer service, please? Hello? Is this thing on?”]

Anyway….Benjamin recognized the thing right away, and immediately started chewing on its head. heh. Good times…

A picture of Benjamin’s “new” giraffe is here:

Ben's 'new' giraffe rattle!

Dad’s from-memory text description wasn’t too far off!

Anyway, yippee!!!

Finding the thing (all two of ’em) didn’t just make our day, it made our MONTH (Dad’s in particular). We’ve been spending so much time calling checking around, emailing places, visiting stores, begging people online for help, etc, trying to find the thing. We sauntered into the store today expecting to be totally disappointed…AGAIN.

We were totally in disbelief when we saw one hanging on a hook…and then another one behind it!

If they’d had 10 of them, we probably would have bought them all ($10 a pop, ouch, heh)..no lie. Crazy! Dad about busted into tears today when he saw it…and again when Benjamin recognized it on the spot. He had it good and slobbered up before we’d even paid for it…

Phew! :)

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