Sleepin’ and eatin’ well, and the Fish Day Parade

We’ve been experimenting with a baby spoon with some frozen breast milk slush to see how well Ben adapts to and handles being spoon-fed. Turns out he does it pretty well. No spit-out, tongue-thrusting reflex kicking anything out. His first time a few days ago, he was like a pro, right away.

Well, with that success, we are proud to announce Yet Another First: Benjamin had rice cereal–his first solid food–today for the first time ever. One tablespoon with several tablespoons of breastmilk (making it really runny, but it thickened up more with time and more stirring). He pretty much ate it all, though he got a little on the table and a little more on his chin…

We’re a little nervous about how this change will affect what happens in his diapers… but a bit more seriously concerned about how it will affect his sleeping (he’s been back on a sleeping-all-night schedule the last three nights, yay!) and his height/weight.

So we’re really proud again. Big day with the giraffe, and then this. Whoo! :)

Port Washington, WI has their annual Fish Day celebration, which is all about (iirc) celebrating the fishing heritage of the town (it’s right on Lake Michigan). They have a great one-day celebration, with a pretty good (but candy-free…) parade. Today it was really super-hot. Too much sun. Ben was sweating and uncomfortable. We finally found some shade, and he played and generally enjoyed himself, sitting up on the blanket and watching everything and everyone. Once the parade was over, he slept during most of our drive to Gurnee Mills….all tuckered out, poor boy.

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