Sleeping and crawling…and babyproofing, too

Friday we were excited that he’s been sleeping through the nights again, only to be awakened Friday night by a boy with an upset stomach… We were on Day 10 or something of this most recent run of all-night sleep. Darn. At least he’s not waking up for food or attention, so that’s good. :) He was only awake for 20-30 minutes, needed some comforting through his stomach gurgling (from the cereal? we don’t know), and went back down for the rest of the night.

As for his progress crawling, it’s an ongoing thing, but he’s been making big strides this week, and in the last few days in particular. He’s getting his legs and knees up under himself and rocking back and forth, and making small gains in the forward–and occasionally backward–direction(s)… It won’t be too long, we figure…and we still need to babyproof the outlets, etc. We’ve gotten down to baby level on the floor and taken care of a lot of the lower stuff he could get into, but we still need to rearrange some furniture, cover outlets, move cords, and buy a new vacuum cleaner that works better than our current one. It’s amazing how dirty your carpet suddenly seems when you’re down with your face in it with your new child!

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