Festive and fair…and hot!

Last weekend it was Germanfest, and this weekend it was Wisconsin State Fair.

Pretty hot both days. Temperature today was much nicer than last weekend at Germanfest, but State Fair today was very humid, and at one point the sun came out and it got really hot on top of that. We ducked in and out of shade and various buildings today, so that worked out pretty well. It was more difficult at Germanfest last week; the Summerfest grounds don’t really offer a lot of shade unless you’re smoking and drinking in a bar area/tent.

Dad and Mom took turns today carrying Benjamin in his carrier, wearing him in the front, facing out, so he could see everything. He was having a pretty good time, but he didn’t like some of the crowds… There were some new piglets being born in the birthing barn as we were there, but Benjamin wasn’t terribly interested. He seemed to like looking at all the cows, though!

It’s not easy to find a place to breastfeed at the Fair; we finally hunkered down at a picnic table in what appeared to be a break area for the ambulance service, behind their office trailer. We were almost shooed away by a security guy until he saw what we were doing. Thank you, security guy.

We were there about three and a half hours; Benjamin finally managed to settle down enough from all the chaos around him into a nap, so we figured it was time to go. :)

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