Looks like Benjamin has started to understand hiding-then-reappearing faces. Just this past weekend, he was laughing his head off… It was the first time we’ve noticed it, and we’ve been testing him off and on pretty regularly to see when he’d start doing it and playing along.

Related to that, he’s also understanding that things continue to exist even though he can’t see them anymore. Very cool! He can uncover things on his own when we hide them.

He’s still not quite crawling yet… Well, he’s crawling, but it’s very uncoordinated, so we’re not calling it “real crawling” yet. He’s trying really, really hard to figure out how to get from his side up into a sitting position on his own, now, too. He almost got it yesterday; you can really see the determination in his eyes, just before you see the frustration. ;)

He has also figured out how to move great distances on his back by arching his back and pushing off with his feet.

We’ve also moved on from carrots to green beans now. The palate continues to expand…

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