So we’re sitting with Benjamin this evening playing, and he’s on his stomach, then on his back, flipping around, etc, having a great time.

As we’ve mentioned recently, he’s been trying soooo hard to sit up from a hands-and-knees position… He’ll push back, shift to his side, and push himself most of the way up, but can’t quite get totally vertical and sitting upright altogether.  He knows he’s on to something, because you can see in his eyes that he knows this is what he’s suppose to do, and he’s trying with all his might to make it happen.

Well, earlier tonight, he did it. Physical-therapist Mommy calls these types of moves ‘transition’ moves; prior to doing that, however, he did the opposite transition move, from sitting to crawling position. Not even five minutes later, he transitioned the other way, from the crawling position to sitting upright–totally–on his own both times.

Who knows when he’ll do it again, but at this point, he’s done each move once, and we know he’ll be doing them again soon!

Yes, we’re proud again. ;) Mom was particularly excited, probably because it’s one of those “transition” things she knows all about.

The crawling thing is getting more interesting. He will actually raise himself up so he’s just on his hands and his feet, not on his knees at all, like he’s trying to stand up…testing his body to see what it can do. Growing and growing! It’s fascinating to watch him figure this stuff out.

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