Our boy’s not been feeling very well. He had his 6-month wellness check (with shots) on the 23rd. He’s developed either an internal bruise or a reaction to one of the shots, and coupled with the teething and the evolving diet, he’s kind of a mess…

Officially, as of 23 August 2006, Benjamin is:

  • 27 inches long
  • 18 lbs 3 oz
  • 17 1/4-inch head circumference

He’s in the top 25th percentile for height, and just slightly above average for weight. His hair is growing back really well now after he basically went bald. It was pretty light at first, but we’ve noticed it darkening a little bit the last week or so, too.

Additionally, it looks like his blue eyes are here to stay. His doctor says the color of eyes a baby has at six months is pretty much what they’re going to be. They’re a lovely blue!

Wish him well–and us, too; it’s kind of taxing… but definitely worth it, of course! :)

One more thing: he left a little bite mark on his mother’s finger last night! Two bottom teeth are very rapidly emerging (and his left bottom center one in particular at the moment)!

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