Sooo darn sloppy!

OK, so he’s eating solids, and eating quite well. That’s great. He’s also teething, and that’s great too… but he’s soooooo messy now when he eats!

He’s recently decided that he should stick his left thumb or another finger (but 90 percent of the time, it’s his left thumb) in his mouth after he gets a spoonful of food–before he’s chewed, swirled or swallowed the food at all–and suck on that digit until the cows come home.  And in the process of doing this, he ends up slathering food all over himself, the table, his Bumbo seat… Our favorite places to find food after a meal is in his ears or in clumps in his hair.

Oh–eating now takes forever!

It’s something to do with teething, we’re told, but we watch him make a HUGE mess and while it’s sort of endearing and funny to watch, you then realize he’s not someone else’s kid and that it’s happening to you, and it’s your mess to clean up… At that point, you feel like you’re regressing somehow with his feedings and learning to eat.

We’re trying really hard not to take the whole thing too seriously or personally, but wow!

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