All fours…left, right, left… yes!

Benjamin is crawling! :)

OK, it’s still not totally coordinated, but the last several days, he’s been very consciously and correctly applying left-right leg motions to his crawling. No more wonky bunny-hopping and falling over…or, well, not as much…

He’s still got a bit to go before he’s got it down perfectly, but his Dr. of PT mother says he’s crawling, and she’s the expert, so…

   yes! :)

Other milestones include pulling himself into a kneeling position and pulling into a standing position. He’s also doing both of these! From what we’ve read, he’s basically months ahead of “normal” development as far as these milestones are concerned. He’s 6.5 months old, and pulling-to-stand (if memory serves) is an approximately 10-months-old thing.

Of course, there’s very much a Your Mileage May Vary(tm) thing at play here; not every kid develops at the same pace. Benjamin is ahead in some ways, right on schedule in others, and probably behind in some ways as well… Each child is different, and there’s certainly no reason to panic OR celebrate, necessarily, based on anything at all.

That said, we’re still pretty fired up! :)

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