We’ve been busy, and so has Benjamin…

Benjamin’s had a few more good and interesting things happen to him over the last several days. They always seem to happen in clusters!

So… our apologies for not posting in a while; he’s been a little under the weather, and we’ve been a little more busy than normal.

Without further ado:

10 Sept 2006

  • His second tooth (right side of the lower middle two) finally poked through. We’re up to two now! His first one is pretty noticeable now, although he really doesn’t enjoy people trying to pull his mouth open to look at things…which means we don’t have any pictures of his new teeth yet at all!

12 Sept 2006

  • His first cold! (and other than the bout of diarrhea he had a while back, his first time being noticeably sick!) He’s still recovering from his cold, and combined with the teething, this last week was fun-fun-fun!

14 Sept 2006

  • Climbed his first stair (the first flat platform stair at the base of a set of stairs)!

15 Sept  2006

  • Climbed to the second stair before his mother stopped him… He might have kept going, for all we know. He really wanted the reach the short stack of paperwork Mom left there to take upstairs to the office later…

He’s also doing some cruising now! He’s been doing a little bumbling around by the step, walking along the base of the stairs, holding on, for about 3 feet or so, back and forth. Today, however, he got up, held the coffee table, and very smoothly walked the length of it!

He’s not supposed to be doing this yet! Yikes! Stacey says it’s a roughly 11-months-along thing. The walking can’t be that far off…

He’s also spending a lot more time standing up and experimenting with letting go…free-standing! He falls pretty reliably on his butt, luckily, but we’ve seen him take one step so far (before falling)… He’s definitely testing his balance as much as he can, and you can see the gears turning in his head as he works out his stance and his next move/steps. It’s really fun and interesting to watch him.

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