A(nother) real date…

HUGE thank-you to Vicki, Stacey’s mom, who watched Benjamin for us so we could go out on a date (we went to a local university theater production of Tommy).

It was only for a couple of hours, but it felt nice to have some time alone with each other.

Previously, we had Ashley (our fabulous babysitter this past summer) watch Benjamin while we went out for dinner (for a surprise for my birthday), back in September.

That makes a total of two ‘just us’ dates we’ve had since he was born (now seven months ago, yikes!). As much as we love Benjamin, we’ve been craving some time alone together… He was still in our heads constantly throughout the evening, of course… no escaping that! ;)

We were told he behaved really well; we’re really glad it worked out, because we’d certainly like to do it again! :)

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