Claps and Waves

He’s got the fever now… He claps while sitting, standing…he even does some clapping now for total strangers. He was at a play area in the mall today and he was waving at the other kids, too. Hilarious!

He’s also doing a little bit more walking… He can take several steps now before he crashes; his longest distance so far is probably about 6 feet or so. You can see him planning his landing when he takes off, too…

In other news, his teeth are still coming in, and we’re still having some restless nights… poor kid. :(

He really has turned into quite a little hugger and kisser, too. He’s still a little bit picky about who he gives them to, and he’s still not the most cuddly baby in the world by any stretch, but the love in him is coming out more and more. :)

It’s been a little while now since he first started doing it to his mother, but he’s now really big into blowing zerberts on Mom and Dad’s arms, legs, bellies, and laughing his head off. He thinks its the funniest thing, and it really gets his parents laughing, too. It’s really, really cool to watch him find and do things that are fun/funny/interesting to him. :)

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