The Big ONE

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s been a year since Benjamin was born. He turned 1 year old today, Feb. 20th!

Ben's 1!

We wanted to let you know how the year has turned out. For us, it’s gone by VERY quickly; we knew it would be quick, but we had no idea just HOW quick it would be. Amazing!

Benjamin is growing and exploring every day. We turn around and he’s doing something new. He’s been walking since about ten months, and has now perfected the task. He runs away and squeals when chased. He can also now stand up without having to hold onto anything to pull himself up.

Alex and I take Benjamin everywhere with us. He’s been camping, fishing, to a Brewer’s baseball game, on a plane ride to Florida and back, to an Admirals hockey game, to Barnes and Noble to read books, to parks and play areas, etc. He enjoys the outings as much as we do.

Benjamin loves nature and the outdoors. He lights up when any animal is pointed out to him. He is constantly pulling back our curtains to look outside. In the car, he stares up at the sky and clouds.

Benjamin is 95% on table food now. He still loves his baby cereal with applesauce (or bananas). We can give him any fruit or vegetable and he goes crazy! Some of his favorites: bananas, tomatoes, zucchini, oranges, lemons, green beans and corn. He also enjoys apples, lima beans, avocado, cucumbers and olives. We’re definitely lucky that way. He also enjoys chicken, ham, pork and beef. The only food that seems to disagree with him is hamburger, specifically; he gets an upset stomach every time we give it to him so far.

In the last month a new trend has occurred; Benjamin will now lay down in his bed awake and fall asleep for his nap or to sleep for the night. He cries for about 5 minutes and then he’s down. What a relief for Alex and me!

Don’t get us wrong; Benjamin has his little sassy streaks too. When he gets a hold of the Tivo remote he runs away pushing all the buttons. We ask for the remote back and he takes off, all excited and laughing! He also lets his frustrations be known when we take it away. Although the remote is one of his favorites, he also enjoys power cords, nightlights, keyboards and mice, and electrical outlets. If it’s gadgety, he’s interested.

This week, we’ll get him his first haircut and flip his carseat around, too!

And finally, about this website… Alex tries to keep it updated with stories and pictures between working and caring for Benjamin. The pictures have been a little slow to appear, but we’re trying (really!). Please visit the site, get registered, leave us some feedback, and keep in touch, OK?

Hope all is well with everyone!

— Stacey, Alex and Benjamin

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