Haircut and Brownie

The hair…has been cut!

It wasn’t really THAT long… but there were some ‘wings’ that were sticking out behind his ears that were apparently driving his mother crazy.

Twelve bucks and literally about twelve snips later, we were done. He sat in Stacey’s lap, and didn’t raise a stink, cry, moan, wiggle around, nothing. He sat there, very politely, and let the stylist cut his hair. She even went around his ears and his neck with an electric trimmer, too, and he was fine with all of it.

After dinner he had a brownie with some cocoa buttercream frosting…his “birthday cake”, basically. He didn’t really care for it… It’s really the first sweet thing other than fruit that he’s had. He seemed to be OK with the brownie itself, but the frosting…not so much; he was mostly making funny ‘what the..?’-style faces when he got some in his mouth.

Stacey and I noticed we didn’t have any candles, so we stuck a lit wooden matchstick in his brownie instead. Actually, we went through about three of them by the time we got all the pictures taken…

All in all, a very good day! We’re having a small party on Saturday for him yet, too. Should be fun!

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