Tongue Success

We’re home. Benjamin’s first “surgery” is complete.

The ENT that did the procedure said it went extremely well, and the staff all loved him–he’s quite the little charmer! He ended up with a single stitch under his tongue that should dissolve on its own.

He also looked pretty darn adorable in his little surgery gown. ;)

We haven’t had a chance to see the results yet, really, because Benjamin’s still a little foggy and cranky from the anesthetic, and we don’t want to have him sticking his freshly-snipped tongue out just yet… We’ll look more at it later today once he’s settled down a little bit more.

We attempted to get a ‘before’ picture of his snakelike tongue; not sure how great it is, but you should be able to see what the problem was pretty easily. We’ll post again with that picture once we also have an ‘after’ picture to accompany it, for comparison’s sake.

[edit: unable to see his ‘new’ tongue in action at all today. The anesthetic was with him to a degree for most of the day, keeping him irritable. He’s also been drooling like a maniac, and it seems his tongue is too sore for him to stick out for us so far. Looks like we’re waiting a bit yet before we can see the work and the results… -Alex]

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