Stick Out That Tongue! Please?

Benjamin’s still not quite up to speed with his tongue. :(

He had cold symptoms the day after his surgery, and he continues to have a runny nose and while he’s been generally eating normally and well, the last day or so he’s had a bit of appetite loss.

Most disturbing to me so far, though: he has not yet let us look under his tongue. He acts like it’s still sore. He’s still drooling a lot, too, though it’s not as heavy as it was.

Prior to the surgery, he would happily and playfully stick out his tongue, well, on command–or anytime the word ‘tongue’ was uttered, anytime he saw a picture of a tongue, etc. You can see it moving in his mouth, but he just won’t stick it out for us…

Stacey thought she saw some redness under his tongue earlier tonight, but we weren’t able to get a really good look; he just doesn’t want us playing around in there yet. Frustrating!

Because it’s been such a big part of his personality so far, it’s really weird for me right now that he can’t or won’t stick his tongue out. I realize that I’m probably overreacting a little bit, but still… I miss his tongue!

We have a post-procedure followup appointment with the ENT sometime this week yet; hopefully he can explain what’s going on, tell us that there really isn’t anything to worry about, and that everything is fine.

So, hopefully no worries, and Dad can stop freaking out!

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