Mama Day

Hi Mama!

I love you every day!

I light up with all the brightness and cheer that could ever exist, every time you come home. I feel like the whole world revolves around me when you’re there, and I love all that you do for me, and for Dada.

Dada was talking about how you have a special day coming, so I thought I would have Dada help me write something since most pencils are both too big and too yummy for me to write all by myself. I also don’t know how to spell just yet.

First, Dada and I are amazed, every day, by all the love that you have to give. I know that you work very hard, and still have time for me, taking care of me, feeding me, and loving me. Dada seems to get a lot of love and attention, and he seems to really look forward to it and love it, too. We both are so excited to see you when you come home every day! Even when you look very, very tired, you have time for us and try to keep us happy!

Mama, thank you for trusting me to climb and run and play and read books and magazines.

Thank you for letting me fall and encouraging me to get right back up.

Thank you for the baths you give me.

Thank you for feeding me and tucking me in at night, reading to me, hugging me, tickling me, talking with me, teaching me love and respect, words, pictures, showing me airplanes and animals, and laughing both with and at me.

Thank you for all the different kinds of food and drink you give me to try!

Thank you for trimming my fingernails and toenails. Those things grow SO FAST!

Thank you for all the clothes and toys you buy me.

Thank you for singing and dancing with me!

And thank you so VERY much for changing my stinky diapers!

Thank you for all of the other stuff I can’t think of right now because I’m just a bab…well, TODDLER now, too!

Dada tells me almost every day now that you have another baby in your belly. I don’t know if I believe him, because I look under your shirt almost every day and I just can’t find it under there ANYWHERE! But, assuming Dada is right, it seems really hard to believe that you could have more love than what you already give Dada and me. Dada has said that he knows you do, so I know you can and will!

I know I will be a great person someday because of you, Mama. Dada says he is a better person because of you, too. We love you and need you and can’t ever imagine living without you.

Have a great Mama Day!


-Benjamin (Dada helped!)

PS: Dad here… I agree 100% with our brilliant son. ;)

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