Benjamin’s new sibling…gender finally revealed!

We were in Minnesota over the weekend for Amanda’s graduation gathering (congrats again, Amanda!), and we realized while we were there that it would be a perfect time to announce the sex of Benjamin’s soon-to-be-sibling to Stacey’s Dad’s side of the family, in person. We really only get to see that side of the family once or twice a year, so this was a great chance for us.

Benjamin will be an older brother to a younger brother. In other words, we’re expecting a boy! (Coming in September!)

So if you didn’t know already, now you do. ;)

Since we were camping the rest of the weekend, and Stacey’s Mom’s parents were there, too, we were also able to tell them in person. This past weekend turned into great timing all around for us.

We don’t have a name picked out yet. Figuring out Benjamin’s name took us a very long time, and this new baby’s name will be no different, we suspect, but we do have a couple of early ideas…

Thanks for bearing with us with this website lately, too. We have a bunch of stuff to add, but it’s been a very busy spring/early summer so far. Bottom line: Benjamin’s doing great!

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