Tongue Update, and Other Updates

I really meant to provide this tongue surgery update a LOT sooner. Sorry.

Turns out the crankiness and weirdness and drooling and reluctance to stick out his tongue right after his surgery was…teething. TEETHING!

How did we not think of that!?

Everything was back to normal, tongue-wise, pretty quickly after a couple days…and his tongue looks great now!

It felt like the early days with Benjamin, all over again…not understanding the problem, not seeing the real reason, and freaking out about it a little. Embarrassing! We’ve laughed a lot about it since…

To be fair, it had been a while since he had last teethed, so we were caught a little off-guard. It’s still pretty funny though, now, looking back.

There are a few more general Benjamin updates; I’ve just not been able to keep up… I’m putting a list together and will hopefully be posting it ‘soon’.

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