Another Ballgame…

Benjamin’s second Brewers game was last night. Brewers beat the Royals, rather decisively; I forget all the details, but it was a loooong game.

Benjamin’s first Brewers game was last year in July.

Benjamin was really great at the game! A man sitting in front of us was telling Stacey how he’d never imagine being able to bring his 18-month-old to a game, and he was stunned when we told him this was Benjamin’s second.

The boy is a huge flirt! He had all of the women around us eating out of his hand, putting on a big show of smiles and playing shy…eventually blowing them kisses and passing around high-fives when the crowd was cheering a play.

He was trying to do the wave with everyone, was clapping along when people were clapping, and just seemed to have a really awesome time. He did get a little cranky toward the end, but it was 2.5 hours past his bedtime, and I think he was just a little tired.

We’ve been going to some local adult- and little-league softball and baseball games around town with Benjamin, too, and he seems to really enjoy watching the players and the ball flying around back and forth. We might have to get him a toddler T-ball set soon… ;)

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