Final Countdown to Brotherhood?

Tomorrow we move into the final week of waiting for Benjamin’s brother to arrive. Due date, again, is supposed to be Sept. 15th… Any day now!

Stacey and I are both pretty anxious, and Stacey’s really, really tired. Benjamin’s been really great about it all so far. He points to his mama’s belly and kisses it when we mention the worth "brother".Benjamin kissing his brother-to-be! It’s super-cute. He’s gonna be a fantastic big brother. We’re really excited not just about us meeting the new baby, but particularly about Benjamin meeting him, and watching the two of them interact and grow together.

We have the room all ready. The crib’s ready, all the clothes are washed and ready, some new animals and things in the room that will be just his… We have diapers and wipes and all of that stuff. The second carseat’s been installed in the Pilot for over a month now at least! We couldn’t be more ready. We haven’t settled on a name for him yet, though, but we’re getting closer; boy’s names seem so much harder to choose for us.

As of the OB visit yesterday, we’re still not too far along–only 2cm, but that’s one more centimeter than we had last week, so it’s progress! :) I predicted very early on that we’d have the new baby about a week early, but that’s looking like it won’t happen.

He’s measuring a little bit big, but not really any bigger than Benjamin did around the same time, so hopefully everything will go well and we’ll have a great, normal, happy (and event-free, unlike Benjamin’s) birth. Eventually. :)

Of course you’ll very likely see a post here once it happens! :)

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