Is Today The Day?

Well, the due date is finally here, and we’re not sure if Benjamin’s new sibling is ready to come out yet!

We had what should have been our last OB appointment this past Thursday. 0 days to go!We’re moving along in the dilation department, but the little stinker still wasn’t dropping down into the necessary position. We’re told that once the baby drops, given the amount of dilation, everything should move along very quickly.

We have family and friends on standby (thank you family and friends!), and our bag is packed and ready to go!

Assuming nothing happens over the weekend, we have a non-stress test scheduled on Monday to make sure the baby’s still OK, and then we’ll have another appointment with the OB on Thursday, if necessary, for another non-stress test and to decide how to proceed, and if induction will be necessary. We’re kind of opposed to the idea of induction, it being an often slippery-slope-y kind of thing that all too frequently seems to lead to unwanted c-sections, but we’ll do what we have to do based on what we know, and that’s really all we can do.

It’s also with some emotion that we’ll be retiring the countdown widget that’s been on the sidebar of this site for the last 9 months… It’s been a handy reminder of where we were and how far we had yet to go. A great big thanks to the folks at, for their handy-dandy widget!

Once again, once we know more and have more info, we’ll certainly post about it here. Who knows, it could still happen today…today’s just starting! We’re certainly ready–Stacey especially. :)

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One Response to Is Today The Day?

  1. Dad says:

    Today was not the day. :(

    Soon enough, though…soon enough. :)

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