Pregnancy update

We had a non-stress test (NST) yesterday. The new baby is doing just fine; he apparently just doesn’t want to come out yet.

For those curious, the non-stress test involved Stacey relaxing in a recliner and being hooked up to a monitor with two straps across the belly; one tracks contractions, and the other measures the heartbeat of the baby. Basically the same setup you get when you’re admitted to labor/delivery so they can monitor the baby. Stacey was also given a little button to press every time she felt the baby move.

The test was probably 20-30 minutes long. For Dad, with Benjamin there pulling on curtains and running out the room and down the hall into other exam rooms, it felt more like 2 hours! He wanted to interact with his mom and be up in her lap, which of course couldn’t happen…so he was getting a little impatient and frustrated. A box of raisins helped…

We’ll have another NST on Thursday and see the OB again. I’m sure the topic of induction will come up…and I guess we really aren’t sure what to do. On the one hand, we’re eager to see our new addition, but on the other hand, we don’t want to shorten any additional development time in the womb he might need. One thing’s for sure: Stacey’s tired and sore and ready to be done.

We’ll do a pregnancy update again after our Thursday appointment, assuming nothing happens sooner. We obviously hope something happens sooner…

Thanks to everyone that’s sent us messages of support and encouragement!

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