Pregnancy update #2

imageHad another NST on Thursday. Nothing new to report, really. Not given any information about induction. We were given very little information at all, in fact. We see a group of OBs at this OB office, and the OB we had this time is one that Stacey can’t really stand. I don’t care for him all that much either, really. He reeks of cigar smoke, spits all over you when he talks, and when he talks, he’s right in your face, and loud. Nice guy, I think, but he talks in circles a bit and can be somewhat annoying.

We scheduled another NST and OB visit for this Monday and again this next Thursday, as necessary. We were told that they don’t let anyone go over 42 weeks, so by the end of this coming week at the latest, we should have our new addition. The OB we saw prior to this last visit seemed to indicate we’d be moving along into the induction phase much more quickly than we are, so who knows. Seeing a variety of OBs in the end-stage of it all seems rather ineffective.

Stacey’s been increasingly uncomfortable lately, so she may well progress on her own just fine. We’re all getting impatient, though…

Again, more as we know it.

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