Zachary Alexander is born!

Zachary approx. 12 hours old! We’re so very proud to announce the birth of our second child and latest son! 

He was born at 1258am on Sept. 24th, 2007, weighing in at a somewhat large-ish 11lbs 11oz, and 22 inches long! He did great, Mom did great (though there was no shortage at all of drama during delivery), and we’re already home, a full day early. Benjamin’s already very accepting of his new little brother, offering him kisses and hugs and patting and rubbing his head, holding his hands, etc. It’s really great to see them get along so well already. We spent a lot of time seeding the idea of a baby and brother into Benjamin’s head, and it appears, so far, to have really worked out well.

More pictures and a birth story will eventually follow. Thanks to everyone for their support and interest these last many months! We really appreciate it!

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