A Few Pictures

Most of you should have received Zachary’s birth announcement moocards by now, and are here looking for more of the pictures we promised. We’re happy to report that they’re here.

It’s not a ton of pictures, but it’s a start, and we hope to keep the pictures coming, of both Zachary and Benjamin. Please keep checking back for more!

And remember, you can always contact us anytime, or register with us here and leave us comments on these pictures, or any pictures or anything else we post here…and basically keep in touch with us. We hope to hear from you!

Weigh-in Fresh-squeezed, but slightly bruised Welcome, Zachary!
Proud Mama! Benjamin's happy to see Mama again The family
Zachary and his Nana Zachary and his Papa Proudest Big Brother Ever
First kisses! Benjamin can't believe he's real Just happy to be here...
Peacefully sleeping Found it! (first time) Proud Mama again
He really can sleep. Benjamin helps with Zachary's socks Yay, bathtime! Heh.
Yay, bathtime over! Mom's favorite thing Our bright-eyed Zachary
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