Z turns 3 (months, that is)!

Zachary’s three-month birthday is today, December 24th. It’s hard to believe it’s already been three months!

He’s looking and doing great! He is still looking older than he really is–probably around 6 months old in appearance due to his size. He’s not at all fat, he’s just… more developed. People can’t believe he’s as young as he is for the size he is…and of course given his headstart being so big at birth, it’s not really that surprising!

He’s doing a lot more looking around, babbling, recognizing voices and faces, and in the last couple of days, he seems to have noticed that he has feet. Very cool. He’s such a mellow, easy-going baby… He found his thumb a couple of weeks ago now, so he self-soothes as necessary, and puts himself to sleep. He’s ticklish, and giggles. He can relax on his own for incredible lengths of time compared to his older brother at the same age. He can also roll over to his side already… and from the looks of things, it won’t be too much longer before he’s all the way over. Wow!

Yes, pictures (and more…!) are coming!

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  1. I suppose we should also apologize for this (and any other updates) not happening in over TWO MONTHS.

    Sooo…. Sorry! We get busy, and some things slip… when they shouldn’t. :(

    We will try to do better, I promise! –Alex

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