From Benjamin’s New Camera…


Benjamin got a VTech Kidizoom camera for Christmas (thanks Nana and Papa!), and here are some of the pictures taken with it so far; all of these pictures are from the Christmas gathering this year in Sheboygan.


The camera is a 0.3 megapixel toy, and not a serious camera by an stretch of the imagination. The images in this post are reduced in size and slightly sharpened; one or two have had contrast/brightness adjustments as well.


The camera specs are as follows (taken from VTech’s website):

 .3 megapixels with 1.8" color screen

 Double viewer or LCD screen for easy photo taking

 Connector cables for TV or PC hook-up

 Photo editing capabilities

 SD card slot for extra memory

 3 preschool games for added fun

 Large hand bumpers for easy grip

 Changeable faceplates

 16MB internal memory (stores 200+ photos or up to 5 minutes of video)

It’s very, very cool for what it is, and pretty inexpensive, too. It’s rubberized/ruggedized, and quite sturdy; it’s already been dropped quite a few times with no ill effects whatsoever. Oh, and if you buy one from Target (available both online and in their stores), it comes with a case, too…something that seems to be a Target-exclusive deal.


None of the pictures in this post were taken by Benjamin…yet. He’s still getting used to using it (and LOVES the thing!), but as he gets a little better with the camera, you can bet we’ll post his pictures, too.  :)

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