Christmas 2007 Seems Like So Long Ago

This is a picture from their 2007 visit with Santa. It was Zachary’s first Christmas, at only 4 months old. It was Benjamin’s second; he was not quite two years old here. They haven’t been to see Santa yet this year; we’ve not (yet?) made any specific plans, so who knows. Zachary took his first Santa visit here a lot better than Benjamin did his first time at 10 months (B. was basically terrified).

It’s worth noting (again) that Zachary is pulling really, really hard on Santa’s very real beard in this picture. Poor St. Nick… That look on his face? Pure pain. We apologized, of course, but it was pretty darn funny…

Xmas 2007

It’s strange looking at this picture, as both kids have grown up so much since it was taken. Zachary’s walking now. Benjamin’s in gymnastics classes, knows all his numbers and letters… Their growth this past year has been pretty amazing.

More holiday pictures on the way as we get them processed and uploaded. Those of you that end up with our photo Christmas card–going out Any Day Now™–we hope you enjoy that, too.  Happy Holidays!

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