Archived Site Taglines

We’ve been regularly rotating the taglines on the site name/banner, for comedy’s sake…hopefully you’ve noticed. ;)

Here are the taglines we’ve used…

  • “Now with 34% less poo!”
  • “Nearly 90 days old… hope you got the extended warranty!”
  • “Recently completed his 90 days probation…”
  • “I do my own stunts.”
  • “guaranteed adorable, or your money back.”
  • “your crib, or mine?”
  • “I crawl, therefore I am.”
  • “I’m walkin’, yes indeed…”
  • “One down…the rest to go!”
  • “now not just walkin’ the walk, but also talkin’ the talk”
  • soon-to-be big brother!
  • The Real Big Brother.
  • I’m watching entirely too much television!
  • I’m TWO! (27 Feb 2008 – 23 Aug 2008)
  • halfway to five (23 Aug 2008 – 20 Feb 2009)
  • eins, zwei, DREI (the current tagline as of 20 Feb 2009)

It’s been fun trying to come up with them, but they’re not always easy! Some are certainly more funny than others, too…can’t win ’em all!

If you have any suggestions–no matter how wacky–please leave a comment for us! It’s silly, but it’s fun, too. :)

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