Favorite Books

Books that Benjamin has loved, or still currently enjoys. A list of Zachary’s favorites will eventually show up here as well.

He loves books. Loves loves loves them. We’ll put up more detailed information on the books (ISBNs, authors, etc) as time permits. Please note that we’ve linked some of the book titles to Amazon.com; clicking through those links and ordering any of the books helps send a little cash Benjamin’s way to maintain his website, enhance his college fund, etc. We thank you in advance for your support.

The list (absolutely incomplete, and in no particular order):

My big animal book (Roger Priddy)
Oh, the THINKS you can Think! (Dr. Seuss)
My Crayons Talk (Patricia Hubbard)
Winnie The Pooh – Friendship Day (ISBN 1-57973-087-6)
Daddy Loves Me (Cuddle Up & Read Together) (Karen Moore)
Mommy Loves Me (Cuddle Up & Read Together) (Karen Moore)
Pinocchio (Walt Disney, ISBN 0-7172-8484-0)
Poky and Friends: Lucky Ducks
Today is Monday (Eric Carle)
Guess How Much I Love You (Sam McBratney)
Mrs. Wishy-Washy Makes a Splash! (Joy Cowley)
Caillou: Good Night!
Caillou: The Babysitter
Caillou: Careful!
Quack! Quack! (Baby Touch and Feel) (Louise Rupnik)
What do you do? (William Wegman)
Max’s Valentine (Rosemary Wells)
Good Night, Sweet Butterflies: A Color Dreamland (ISBN 0-689-85684-9)
Don’t Forget I Love You (Miriam Moss)

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