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This page attempts to track new words for both Benjamin and Zachary. At some point in early 2008, we realized it was a waste of time continuing to try and track individual words for Benjamin. Late Summer, early Fall 2008, however, is when Zachary started verbalizing, so hopefully you’ll see updates on his word progress here...

[Spring 2007]

This is going to be very roughly done initially, because we’re not that sure about the initial dates he said some of these, but here’s a list with words Benjamin says that we (and maybe only we, so far…) recognize! His first word ever was ‘mama’. Then ‘dada’. A while after that came ‘hot’. Here’s the list, in no particular order.

This list will never truly be up to date, of course…and it’s entirely possible we’ll accidentally repeat a word somewhere. If you see any errors, or happen to know of words he’s said or saying that aren’t listed, please let us know so we can fix it. :)

hot – mama – dada – moo – hat – cheese – ham – keys – hi – bye – night/night-night – stink/stinky – i love you – cat – “who is that” – this – that

17 April 2007: up, book, baa, arf

24 April 2007: “I did it”, fish

27 April 2007: more

May 2007: clock, “brownbear!” (from the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book), and a bunch more words… (sorry, too many to remember!)

September 2007: yay, yes, yeah, yep, “yes!” (pulling down both arms with clenched fists while saying it!), no (!), nope, “no-no-no-no-no!” (!!!), ow, owie, ouch, up, down, “peas” (please), “woohoo!”, “(I) do”, mommy, mom, daddy, dad, peek, home, poop, pee, go, “brrr”, “(I) did”, nana, papa/pop-pop, hat, help, “ahh…” (after a long drink), boom, pop, on, off, bye-bye, out, bite, “un” (one), two, “tee” (three), four, “mmm…” (as in “tasty”), “uh-huh”, cool, nice, nap, eat, boob (!), oops, “oopies”, “yuck”, “wah-tha” (water), read, row, “ah!” (surprised), duck, baby, backpack, hey, piece, “ope”/open, best, blue, hop, honey, “rawr!”, choo-choo, mine, high, too, wet, milk, play, puppy, teeth, buddy, bus, “wait wait”, meat, dry, t-shirt, yummy, “pucky” (describing his boogery nose; it’s his mother’s word), now, me, moon

October 2007 (last update: 08 Oct 2007): soup, bed, white, body, bowl, ball, ride

[September 11, 2007]

We watch Wheel of Fortune fairly often, and when contestants call out letters, he now repeats most of them! He’s trying to do some counting now, too. He’s also starting to make certain gestures with certain words, like raising his arms over his head when he says “woohoo!”, or the totally-hilarious “yes!” gesture his Daddy taught him. ;)

As of spring/summer 2007, he says “this” when he wants whatever it is. He says “that”, he wants to know what that thing is. He usually points at whatever it is in either case. And increasingly, he says “peas” (please) when he wants something! If you ask him what the “magic word” is, he’ll tell you! :)

[October 08, 2007]

Words are coming faster than ever now, and with Zachary adding a new dimension of distraction to our household, it’s getting harder to keep track of words as Benjamin uses them, particularly when we’re out and about. Lately it seems that certain types of words he can repeat at will if you ask him to, which is pretty cool.

[January 01, 2008]

Words continue to flow more quickly than we can document them. What we really need now is a “Benjamin’s Sentences” page, because he’s starting to put those together now, too. Not perfect by any means, but he’s able to do 2-, 3-, and even a couple 4-word sentences now and create sentences on the fly, entirely on his own.

Sooo, with that in mind, this page is probably not going to be updated again for a while. We’re still waiting on him to say “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and “I love you”, though, so when any of those happen, we’ll certainly post again (probably on the main page).

[February 03, 2008]

And sure enough, at some point in January 2008, he started (still infrequently) saying ‘thank you’ and ‘love you’. Good stuff!

[November, 2008]

Zachary has been saying a few words already the last couple of months that we recognize, but no one else likely would. Listed in no particular order:  mama, dada, daddy, diaper, hi, bye, night-night, book, juice, back (as in “give it back”), bah-bah-bah (for ‘Benjamin’), up, and Yoda… for now.

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